Non-Surgical Solutions

The healing powers of the human spine are one of the best kept secrets in medicine, and many spinal surgeons know little about them. Dr Brazenor learned about them over the past 35 years by listening to what his patients tell him, and noting their response to changes in the way that they treated their spine, at Dr Brazenor’s direction.

The fundamental principle behind Dr Brazenor’s nonsurgical treatment for spine is that in general your spine will only heal when it is not gravitationally loaded (that is to say, when you are lying down in a comfortable position), or during gentle conversation-paced walking. The critical thing to understand, however, is that the healing which our spines do during a restful night’s sleep is frequently undone by the things we do with our spines (or should we say “to” our spines) in a busy day. We sit poorly, we bend, we twist, and we do all sorts of activities and postures which, in many patients that Dr Brazenor sees, reliably undo last night’s healing, every following day.

What Dr Brazenor and his Spine Educator Narelle will teach you, if appropriate, is how to tip the balance in favour of healing by doing more good things to your spine and far fewer of the bad things.

Your journey will look something like this:

  • Step 1. After diagnosis is reached, Dr Brazenor will walk you through your non-surgical treatment plan. This usually occurs in the first or second consultation, depending upon whether you need further tests for the establishment of full diagnosis.
  • Step 2. You are invited to attend a 2 hour interactive spinal education session, designed and written by Dr Brazenor.

    These sessions are held in a boardroom type setting, seating a maximum of 10 people (wheelchair access available). The group number is kept small to give patients the confidence ask questions as they arise for themselves. Take-home handouts of the session are issued, allowing patients to relax, listen and not feel pressured to take notes. Sessions occur once a week and time slot options alternate between: 1030am- 1230pm or 5.30pm–7.30pm

    The aim of the education session is to further detail your treatment plan and explain why we recommend what we do. This includes an appreciation and maintenance of correct spinal balance, permitting natural healing of the region of your spine causing pain; and practical day-to-day living measures. If you implement the principles that you have been taught, you may begin to note improvement in your condition after only 3-4 weeks.

  • Step 3. Revisit Dr Brazenor 7 – 10 days after your educational session (if possible). The purpose of this visit is for Dr Brazenor to gauge how you are travelling with the new teachings, and to answer any potential new questions.
  • Step 4. Revisit Dr Brazenor 6 weeks, post step 3. Visit. This visit is to gauge how you are travelling clinically, and to determine whether or not you require a further visit in the future, or alternatively if you are happy to fly solo.

It should be iterated that if at any point during the non-surgical pathway you have any concerns, please contact Mr Brazenor’s rooms on .