Our Approach

When Dr Brazenor meets a new patient for the first time, the most important initial task is to make sure that the diagnosis has been made correctly. Everything follows from correct diagnosis. Once that has been accomplished (and in the cases of some new patients it has already been accomplished) Dr Brazenor will set out to you your surgical and nonsurgical solutions.

Dr Brazenor discovered many years ago (by learning from his patients) that he could restore a good quality of life to 80% of patients presenting to him with neck, low back or other spine-generated pain, by simple nonsurgical advice. As a result, he has always had a low rate of operating on patients, most of whom he could help without surgery.

His pledge to all his patients: Should this advice not result in a good quality of life, then he will, on request, refer the patient to one or more operating surgeons whom he would trust with his own family members, for consideration of a surgical solution.

Please note that in order to access the Medicare Specialist Rebate (thus reducing your out-of-pocket costs) you will need a referral from your general practitioner or another specialist. Dr Brazenor will happily see you without a referral, but your out-of-pocket cost will be much greater without the Medicare Specialist Rebate.

If you are a workers’ compensation patient you will be asked to pay the full fee at the conclusion of the appointment, and claim the rebate from your workers’ compensation insurer. There will be an out-of-pocket amount.

Dr Brazenor’s staff will inform you of your out-of-pocket costs when you first telephone to make an appointment.

Dr Brazenor happily sees patients with or without health insurance; he sees workers’ compensation patients; however, he will only see TAC patients on referral from a specialist.