Our Approach to Back and Neck Pain

Learning From His Patients

Dr Brazenor discovered many years ago that he could restore a good quality of life to 80% of patients using simple nonsurgical methods. As a result, he has always had a low rate of operating on patients, as most were helped without surgery.

How Dr Brazenor Works

  • Your Correct Diagnosis

    When Dr Brazenor meets new patients the most important task is to ensure your diagnosis has been made correctly.

    While some new patients present with a correct diagnosis, its confirmation is critical as everything flows from this.

  • Diagnostic Process

    Typiclly this stage involves:

    • recording your medical history
    • performing a full examination
    • reviewing other medical evidence
    • considering more tests

    Dr Brazenor will then confirm your initial diagnosis or arrive at an alternate diagnosis.

  • Dr Brazenor’s Pledge

    He pledges to all his patients

    Should his advice for a non-surgical approach not result in a good quality of life, Dr Brazenor will refer to an operating surgeon for further consideration. He would trust his own family with these surgeons.