Neck or Arm Pain, and Headache from Neck

Neck pain, and pain running down the arm from the neck are very common, and most people experience one or both at least once in their life. Headache referred from the neck is also very common.

Causes of Neck Pain

There are several common causes of neck pain, including:

  • A bulging or prolapsed disc
  • Arthritis in cervical spinal joints
  • Bone spurs irritating nerve roots as they leave the spine
  • Infection
  • Tumours

When Should I see a Spine Specialist?

If the pain becomes persistent, and especially if it begins to interfere with your quality of life, you may want some help.

Come see us. The process is simple

Treatments for Neck Pain, Arm Pain, and Headache from Neck

The treatment options, of course, are determined by your diagnosis. That is why determination of your diagnosis is the all-important first step to relieving your pain.

For a comprehensive review of all of the treatments currently available, see Surgical Treatments and Non-Surgical Treatments in relation to neck conditions.