Do I Need Surgery

Every patient is unique. Starting from the premise that no surgery is without a complication rate, and no surgical operation has a 100% chance of success, Dr Brazenor has always treated surgery as a last resort, to be considered only when it holds a high chance of success for the particular patient, and advantages over the nonsurgical options.

The assessment of a patient which is required in order to answer the above question must begin with accurate diagnosis. Many patients that Mr Brazenor sees for the first time have either been given erroneous or vague diagnoses, or the condition has changed since somebody last gave them a diagnosis. Diagnosis is key to formulation of treatment options, and essential to effective treatment, whether surgical or nonsurgical.

Once Mr Brazenor achieves a diagnosis (and that may require further scans or other investigations) he will then set out to you your surgical and nonsurgical options if such exist.

The principle by which Dr Brazenor has always lived is “Nobody gets to operate on me unless there is no other way out!” This is the principle by which he manages his patients. However, if there is a surgical option (even if Dr Brazenor recommends the nonsurgical option first) he will always explain that to you, and give you the option of referral to a surgeon in whom Dr Brazenor has confidence.