What treatments does Dr. Brazenor provide?

Dr Brazenor is an experienced neurosurgeon and specialist spinal surgeon with more than 35 years’ experience. He electively ceased to operate at the end of 2015, and since that time, apart from assisting colleagues in particularly difficult operations, he does no surgery but instead consults.

Step 1: Establishing your Diagnosis!

Once your diagnosis or diagnoses is/are established to Dr Brazenor’s satisfaction (and it is possible you will need further investigation before this is achieved) he will set out for you your surgical options if they exist, and your nonsurgical option if that exists.

Step 2: Explaining your Treatment Options

(a) Non-Surgical Option

In 8 out of 10 of Dr Brazenor’s spinal patients he is able to help them restore to themselves a good quality of life without operation. To do this Dr Brazenor and his Patient Educator Narelle will teach you the simple principles of healthy management of your spine so that healing may occur.

The healing powers of the human spine are one of the best kept secrets in medicine, and many spinal surgeons know little about them. Dr Brazenor learned about them over the past 35 years by listening to what his patients tell him, and noting their response to changes in the way that they treated their spine, at Dr Brazenor’s direction.

The fundamental principle behind Dr Brazenor’s nonsurgical treatment for spine is that in general your spine will only heal when it is not gravitationally loaded (that is to say, when you are lying down in a comfortable position), or during gentle conversation-paced walking. The critical thing to understand, however, is that the healing which our spines do during a restful night’s sleep is frequently undone by the things we do with our spines (or should we say “to” our spines) in a busy day. We sit poorly, we bend, we twist, and we do all sorts of activities and postures which, in many patients that Dr Brazenor sees, reliably undo last night’s healing, every following day.

What Dr Brazenor and his Spine Educator Narelle will teach you, if appropriate, is how to tip the balance in favour of healing by doing more good things to your spine and far fewer of the bad things. Dr Brazenor cannot prove scientifically to you that this works: such would require a randomised controlled trial with at least 500 patients followed over two years, the estimated cost of which trial, properly conducted, would be between $2.5 and $3 million. However, if you follow Graeme and Narelle’s advice and you are one of the fortunate 8/10 patients who manage to tip the balance in favour of ongoing healing in their spines, you will not need proof from a clinical trial. Your own spine’s response will provide the proof for you.

Please note that this treatment is inexpensive compared with other forms of treatment. The fee for the two-hour lecture is set at the level which it costs Dr Brazenor’s practice to provide the lecture; and the only other costs are an occasional review by Mr Brazenor until he finds that you are “in charge” of your own spine; plus the cost of a good pair of cross-trainer walking shoes if you do not possess them already; and three or four pickup sticks. No signing you up for a course of 30 treatments!

In fact, if you are one of the 8 out of 10 people whose spine heals with this treatment, YOU become the expert in the management of your spine, and so long as you continue to observe the four Rules which you will be taught, you may never need to see a doctor about your spine again.

If you are unable to tip the balance in favour of healing, or if you prefer to go straight to the surgical option, then Dr Brazenor will, at your request, refer you for consultation with a surgeon of such skill that he would allow the said surgeon to operate on the backs of his family.

(b) Surgical Options

Dr Brazenor will explain to you if surgery is an option for you. It is only an option if it is likely to benefit you, and not likely to result in injury to you. If these conditions are fulfilled, Dr Brazenor will explain the nature of the surgical options (there may be more than one), and recommend one of the few highly selected surgeons to whom he now refers, insofar as he no longer operates.

Dr Brazenor will answer all your questions about success rates, complication rates, likely costs and rehabilitation. Please note that Dr Brazenor has no financial arrangement with any other surgeon, and therefore has absolutely no financial interest in whether or not you choose to resort to surgery. His opinion on your case is completely impartial.

(c) Second Opinions

Dr Brazenor is a great believer in second (or even third or fourth) opinions. The consideration of surgery is one of the most serious matters any person ever contemplates! Dr Brazenor is perfectly happy to provide you with a further opinion, no matter how many surgeons you have consulted, and equally he is only too happy to refer you on for further opinions from suitably skilled surgeons after he has assessed you and given you his opinion. You only have to ask.