Dr. Graeme Brazenor, Neurosurgeon, Melbourne Victoria Australia

Our Mission

To restore quality of life to as many spine sufferers as possible, preferably by non-surgical means.
Surgery will be discussed if it proves to be an option that should be considered.

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Non-Surgical Solutions90% of Spine Conditions Don't Require Surgery

Dr Brazenor began learning from his patients, right from when he first began practice as a neurosurgeon in 1981. From them he has learned that the human spine has a really incredible capacity to heal, provided it is treated in the correct manner. Dr Brazenor and his staff will train you in this method, provided it is appropriate and safe for your particular spinal problem.

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Surgical SolutionsCommon Surgical Procedures on the Human Spine

If Dr Brazenor’s non-surgical treatment does not work for you, then if a surgical option exists for your spine, Dr Brazenor will ask if you would like him to refer you to a spinal surgeon skilled in the surgery of your particular problem.

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Medico Legal ServicesProviding Legal Reports for Patients

For 35 years, Dr Brazenor has been providing legal reports for patients injured in the workplace, road accidents, hospital, assaults or as a result of negligence.

He also prepares reports for lawyers, workers’ compensation insurers, self-insured employers, and medical indemnity insurers. He takes great pride in being impartial and thorough in his work.

Quotations for the cost of reports can be obtained from our staff on .

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  • Fellow of the royal australasian college of surgeons
  • Neurosurgical society of australasia
  • Spine society of australia
  • Epworth healthcare