Initial Consultation

Every patient is different. What is usual in the first consultation, however, is that Dr Brazenor begins by familiarising himself with your problem(s) by taking a careful and detailed verbal history from you.

He will then examine you, except in the rare case that you present with symptoms which are never accompanied by external physical signs.

Next, Dr Brazenor will examine the images of any X-rays or scans that you bring to the consultation, or which are available to him on-line.

Then, if Dr Brazenor feels that further tests are indicated, he will explain why, and explain also the nature of the test(s), and seek your permission to order those tests.

Alternatively, if no further tests are required, then Dr Brazenor will tell you his opinion on your diagnosis(es), and start to explain to you your treatment options.

It may be necessary for you to have one or more subsequent appointments with Dr Brazenor, firstly to convey to you the results of further investigations if you undergo them; and secondly to monitor the effects of treatment to ensure your maximal recovery.